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Dragon Glass cc consists of Stanley and Heather Micallef.
25 years ceramic experience stood Stanley and Heather in good stead when
they decided to move into the exciting and more lucrative world of glass.

5 years of research, trials and testing produced the first glass kiln. The
design has been improved and refined since then, and we now offer one
large Studio Production Kiln, which is eminently suited for the hobby
crafter, or the serious producer for a small business!

We have done extensive work with ordinary flat (window pane) glass, as
this is readily available in all areas, and is not expensive for the new
crafter to start with.

Our videos have instructions on how to use both window glass and Bullseye
coloured glass to make a large range of items.

Both Stanley and Heather have been involved in the design and production
of a large range of moulds especially made for glass slumping. This range
is increasing all the time.

Further research and testing of new products which are float glass
compatible has led to the addition of Thompson Enamels coloured enamels
and enamel paints, as well as the Vidriarte "Flosing" range to our

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